Internet access using T-Mobile Hotspot

T-Mobile Hotspot
Quelle: Deutsche Telekom AG

The Hotel Hubertus is equipped with numerous WLAN access points so that you have wireless Internet access in every room with your laptop or other wireless-enabled devices.

Access to the Internet is for security reasons via the HotSpot portal from T-Mobile. For more information on the use of HotSpot access, please visit the relevant pages of German Telekom.

If you are already a customer of T-Mobile, the fee for HotSpot usage may already be included in your service plan. In this case, you can connect to the Internet using your mobile number and your HotSpot - password.

You may also purchase a HotSpot pass for temporary use at the reception (60 minutes for 8,00 € or 30 days for 29,00 €). Further details can be found here.